Lente Zomer - Chalet Zeeland

Spring – Summer

From our homes are the beach, the North Sea and Lake Veere, both 200 meters walk directly accessible within minutes. Vrouwenpolder has one of the widest beaches of the North Sea. On the beach there are several beach clubs and a sailing and catamaran club. Part of the beach (towards Oosterscheldekering) is reserved for kitesurfing and related sports. A special “kiters home” was recently constructed. The wide beach of Vrouwenpolder is ideal for beach sailing (blow-carting). In the direction of Domburg is an area where nude recreation is permitted.

strandleven Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland  Kite surfen Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland  Windsurfen Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland
  cart surfen Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland  strandvermaak Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland  Suppen in Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland


 kite surf les Veerse Meer Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland  Vliegeren in Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland  Piratenschip strand Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland

Lake Veere is the largest saltwater lake in Europe. Also on Lake Veere is much surfing, sailing and fishing. Sailboats can be rented in several places. Surf and sailing schools are available. A diving school is available. From Vrouwenpolder there is plenty of opportunity to go biking on the islands or to visit the attractions of the Delta Works ( Stormbarriere Dam, Zeelandbrug, Education Neeltje Jans etc.).

varen/vissen op het Veerse Meer -chaletzeeland  Suppen op het Veerse Meer -chaletzeeland  blow carten op het strand van Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland
Westerschelde Tunnel Walcheren -chaletzeeland  Westerschelde traject -chaletzeeland  Westerschelde tunnel experience -chaletzeeland

Vrouwenpolder has several good restaurants within walking distance and accessible to the fans of the Zeeland region excellent seafood. Belgium is also through the Westerschelde tunnel easily and quickly accessible. In the summer there is an abundance of opportunities:

• Walking (various nature areas)

• Cycling (many marked routes)

• Beach Life

• Surfing

• Sailing (also catamaran)

• Kiten

• Kiting

• Fishing / Boat trips

• Diving / Snorkeling

• yachting

• Horse and pony riding

• Tennis

• Gliding

• Parasailing behind a speedboat

• Banana rides behind a speedboat

• Visit to local markets and festivities

• Culinary tours on the islands

• Boat trips along the Delta works

• Folkloric days

• Surf and sailing schools are available.

• Trips to Belgium (Knokke, Bruges, Ghent etc)

• Visit to Waterland Neeltje Jans (the former work island for Oosterscheldekering)

From May to September there are public toilets, showers, ramps and garbage bins on the beach present. The rescue team is available for your safety. Dogs and horses are in the season at the beach permitted before 08.00 h. and after 18:00 h. The beautiful Zeeland beaches score high on the list of cleanest beaches in Europe. 

Stormvloed kering Oosterschelde/Noordzee -chaletzeeland  Paardrijden op strand Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland Zeeuwse paardenpracht Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland