Herfst - winter - Chalet Zeeland

Autumn – Winter

Also in the autumn and winter time offer the sea and lake challenging opportunities for those who  love the outdoors. The beaches remain accessible and are outside the summer season also open to dogs (free running). Fishing is from the sea or from the beach throughout the year allowed without authorization or permit.

Art gallery Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland Plaquette bij monument op Veerse Dam -chalet zeeland Monument op Veerse Dam -chalet zeeland
Zeekraal akker Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland  Stormvloedkering Walcheren -chaletzeeland  Kerkgebouw Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland

From a culinary point of view, Walcheren has much to offer. In addition to the larger restaurants the smaller bistros and restaurants offer you an unexpected surprise with their choice of local specialties and seafood. Enjoy endless vistas and experience the atmosphere of yesteryear in the sometimes quiet villages and experience the acquiescent silence and reticence of the hospitable people. Zeeland is rich in museums and artists’ studios in many cultural fields.

An introduction to the struggle of the Dutch and especially the Zeeuwen against the sea is very interesting in view of the ingenious solutions that have been found and still are being found today. Nowhere else can one find former agricultural fields which now using salt water technology to grow and harvest sapphire. Fresh fish can be bought in nearby Colijnsplaat in the harbour,  directly from the boats.

Besneeuwd strand Vrouwenpolder, chaletzeeland  duigebied Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland Winters strand Vrouwenpolder -chaletzeeland

For those who want to enjoy tranquility and comfort or dare to confront the sometimes violent nature, winter is an excellent time.